ABOUT Hassan Al Jabri

Hassan Al Jabri
AL JABRI worked for a diverse range of organizations during his 20 years of experience, including small business start up, private sectors, non-profits, U.S. government agency and large UAE Government Oil and Gas Company.  AL JABRI during his career as Business / Human resources administr More...



Gangnam Inspiration can be in any form and in anyway you like. Try it you will never regret it, we live only once, so each day count and you can make it a different. You and only you, and no one else can start to initiate for you. Gangnam inspirations starts with You. In this book will introduce you to inspiration phenomenon that inspire entire world, also you will come to understand why we need a change once in a while and out source to inspire us, will introduce to you how to inspire yourself and your loves ones instead waiting for it. Normal simple people like you and me started something they believe in their heart and shake the world. Find out.

Take to the next level your inner Inspiration. Mother Teresa once was asked at the Noble Peace Prize ceremony in 1979: "What can we do to promote world peace?" And to everyone’s amazement, her simple answer was: "Go home and love your family." In this book will ponder on the depth of that simple sentence coming from the most peaceful, love-able, helpful human being. Will inspire you to explore your inner childhood inspiration no matter at what age.