Women in the Pews

Christian Books

By Jacqueline McEwan

Publisher : Unlock Publishing, Inc

ABOUT Jacqueline McEwan

Jacqueline McEwan
~~I was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently reside in nearby Maryland. As an offspring of two pastors, my entire childhood and into adult life was surrounded with spiritual guidance and family nurturing. At the age of nine, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and by t More...


~~Women in the Pews by Jacqueline McEwan speaks to the very heart of women capable of seizing life's moments to succeed in any venture. The author shares from experience of constant struggles how women can learn to bypass obstacles and allow the manifestation of God's grace and power to take charge. This book reminds us that each woman has a divine purpose and unique calling. Many sit next to talented and gifted women of God in our places of worship each week. Some of these women are apprehensive to pursue what lies dormant within and continue to just sit in the pews.

In this season of great progress for women in the marketplace and the worship places, many remain bound by the traditional beliefs that hinder their gifts and calling. Women are making great strides in the secular world as leaders in highly visible corporate positions and even in the field of religion. For many years women have generally taken different paths in life and in their approach and prospective in leadership in almost every nation. By observation and experience, many of these same women and others sit idle in the pews of places of worship; they accept positions beneath their qualifications. These are women capable of functioning in not only subordinate positions, but leadership roles as well. Perhaps some gifts within women remain dormant due to continuing controversial issues confronting Christian women and women in general. Many are well qualified to take especially their places of worship to new levels in God's plan for His kingdom. God has given women powerful gifts to ignite, develop, release and share for His Glory.

Pat Lawson Muse, NBC4-TV, Washington, DC

"In the world we work for a paycheck; but in ministry, we must work to profit the kingdom. Pastor Jackie's book speaks directly from the heart of God to the heart of holy women. We can't afford to waste time with "busy" work. We have to get out of the pews and into a place where our work produces "eternal profit!"  


Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, Presiding Prelate, Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Towson, Maryland

"Jackie's book is a must read for both women in the pews and men who are sensitive to their callings and anointing. She speaks out of the depths of experience. I recommend it as individual or group reading to assist in creating strategies for emerging leaders."