Power Words and Key Words to Profit

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When you are selling anything on the Web, you want to be sure that the proper Power Words and Key Words are being used in your promotional technique. The key to sales is through attracting potential customers to your sales campaign or product, be it an e-book, new website, services or any other products.
Proper Power Word Phrasing and Key Word Tagging is huge in getting those sales. In this little booklet, you will learn what to do to make the most out of getting sales!

If you expect to sell anything in Today's competitive market, you better research your words carefully in your sales pitch. Otherwise, your competition will most likely gain your customers and there goes your business!

1) The author gets right to the point. I love the samples and examples throughout the book. I loved reading about the author's experience. I appreciated the recommended key words and power phrases. Thank you for this book.

2) I do a lot of publicity and promotional work in a world where people flooded with ads do not have time to read. Thus every promotion material needs to be written with several stipulations such as 1. Use minimum words 2. Make each word count 3. Make each word either catch their attention or motivate them.

Much investigation has gone into what words count and what words motivate people, but very few people know these words. Had they known, their ad/promotion would have been more effective. I plan to carry this book with me on kindle everywhere that I go.

*** List of words and phrases that motivate people
*** List of words not to be used

*** Concise, but extremely useful book