Sensible Preparedness II

ABOUT Robin Woods

Robin Woods
R. S. Woods lives in Western North Carolina. Considering she has raised 4 kids; Ms Woods was a prepper long before the term became popular. She has now decided to share some of what she has learned through the years. As a web designer for small businesses, she has developed a style of writ More...



The Sensible Preparedness books are guides from a moms perspective, for the average person who prefers to stay in their own home during an emergency. This is often referred to as shelter-in-place. In Book one we discussed many of the basic things you can do to prepare for an emergency situation. Book II tackles sensitive preparedness topics such as running out of toilet paper, waste disposal, mental health and “cabin fever”. Having all of your bases covered will go a long way in preparing for the unexpected. We can’t always predict when a life changing situation will happen and can never be 100% prepared. If you prepare the best you can, both mentally and physically, you will be a survivor rather than a victim.