The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women: Become the girl every man wants! (The Powers of You)

ABOUT Samantha Brett

Samantha Brett
Samantha Brett is one of Australia's most successful dating authors and columnists. After six years of writing Australia's most popular newspaper dating column, Samantha pooled all her knowledged into her books, which are changing the lives of single women the world over. Samantha currentl More...



Tired of being single? Sick of bad dates? Desperate to settle down? Well, stop right now. The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women will teach you everything you need to know to turn your single status around and make yourself so desirable, you’ll be swatting the men away and will be on your way to finding the man of your dreams.

After coming out of a long-term relationship, being single felt like a burden. All the men out there seemed to be after a quick fling and nothing more. What was a single girl to do? In researching Seven Secrets, I learned how to turn my own single status around and find myself again - without a man, which in turn attracted the man of my dreams!

What the readers and critics are saying:

"Samantha brings much needed, refreshing insight into the whole dating scenario. The book not only empowers single women to relish this point in their lives, but gives us the tools to make changes and find that special somebody, if and when we desire to do so. A great, easy yet thought-provoking read!"


- Hollie McKay, Fox News


"I bought Sam's book when, despite my best efforts, I was feeling particularly needy. I just started seeing a new guy, I haven't heard from him and I was loosing my center. I read Sam's book in one sitting and on Monday, the guy was sending me flowers at work! What did I do? I let go, understood him from a different perspective and went out and lived my best life with my friends. He must have felt my vibe change and was scared to lose me by taking me for granted! Thank you Sam, you books are always an amazing reference point"

- Lana Allen, Relationships advisor