My Lady Gisborne (Revised Edition) (The Gisbornes)

My Lady Gisborne (Revised Edition) (The Gisbornes)

ABOUT Charlotte Hawkins

charlotte hawkins
I live near Tampa Bay, Florida. I've been writing since I was ten years old. I love to hear from readers!



Lady Evelyn Gisborne desires to be a proper young noble-woman, but independence runs strong in her blood. She follows her heart as well as her head, and temptation soon beckons her in the form of a handsome rogue. René Jean- Bastien is clever, bold...and forbidden, for she has been promised to another.

Simon Jean-Carré, Marquis of Laroque, is a born soldier. His life is commited to the pursuit of battle and the honor of the knight's code. When he journeys to the Gisborne estate, his only intention is to meet his promised bride. But he soon finds himself entwined in the life of a most unusual family...and falling in love with the woman he has sworn to keep at a distance.

Evelyn is torn between two loves. Will she choose the man to whom she is promised...or the dashing thief who has stolen her heart?