You're Strong Enough: A Quest To Discover Who You Really Are

ABOUT Kassi Pontious

Kassi Pontious
Kassi Pontious is the author of the Christian teenage and young adult books, You’re Enough Series. Kassi wrote the You're Enough Series, beginning with You're Strong Enough to help struggling teenagers and young adults who come from dysfunctional families and who feel lost and confused.  More...



A Quest to Discover who You really are (Color Interior Paperback Version)

Are you lost and confused about the purpose of life and who you are?

In You're Strong Enough you will discover who you are, why you are here, and what happens after this Earthly life. You're Strong Enough takes teenage and young adult readers on a self-discovery quest. Through finding out about themselves, young readers will discover their ultimate goal. They will explore the truth about what happens to us after we die.

Do you come from a dysfunctional family and want to know how to survive?

Christian writer, Kassi Pontious, shares her personal experiences of living in a challenging family. She shares her recollections of fleeing dangerous situations, and coming close to death many times. In You're Strong Enough, you will learn how to live your life to its fullest without being consumed by dark feelings that arise from living in a dysfunctional world. You will learn to love, trust, forgive, and be free.

Do you ever wonder where you came from before this Earthly life and who Satan really is?

In You're Strong Enough, you will discover where you came from before this life here on Earth. You will learn how Satan came about, and when Jesus Christ started His reign as our Redeemer. You will also discover that Satan is your real enemy here on Earth. You will learn that you have the power to defeat this dragon. As you participate in individual quests at the end of each chapter, you will find out how to cut the strings of dysfunction that may be trying to control your life.

Christian writer, Kassi Pontious, shares truths, using the scriptures to illustrate and confirm the information she shares. She encourages teenage and young adult readers to discover for themselves who they really are. This Christian, self-help book is the catalyst for their discovery. Such a discovery can be transformational--even if your life is surrounded by dysfunction.

Do you ever question why bad things happen to good people and why we all have struggles?

In You're Strong Enough, you will learn what God's plan is for each of us, and why bad things happen to good people. You will discover where your true strength lies and how to conquer the obstacles in life's path. You will learn the difference between a trial and a challenge. You will discover how God uses both trials and challenges to make us stronger. You're Strong Enough brings to light truths that will empower your soul and inspire you, and those around you.

Other teachings in You're Strong Enough include:

  • God's Law of Justice and Mercy.
  • Different types of guardian angels.
  • How important hope is and where self-doubt comes from.
  • Why our bodies are so special.
  • How to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The importance of choices.
  • How Satan tries to be our puppeteer.

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I came from a rough upbringing and yet have survived many of the pitfalls that a wait the young people. I wrote You're Strong Enough to share my experiences with the youth on how they can overcome anything life throws at them. I share my personal knowledge of the purpose of life and our part in it. I aim to inspire and uplift all those confused and lost.

You're Strong Enough by Kassi L. Pontious gives hope and encouragement to youth through a unique and creative journey to discovering who they really are according to the Kingdom of God. With biblical perspective, the author offers a quest to discovering purpose and identity in life through a blend of fantasy depiction and biblical doctrine.

This quest gives readers a new perspective on life and offers answers as to why they are here on Earth. With insights from her own life, coupled with quests on how to find true purpose, the author presents practical advice on the issues and daily struggles in life. Inspiring, uplifting and insightful, this book offers hope to those that are lost and practically gives guidance through each quest, addressing challenges that many youth face. With much wisdom, this book points youth to their Heavenly Father, and leads them to finding hope and purpose in God. A wonderful and enjoyable read, that is a must-read for all youth.

Each chapter presents various quests, giving inspiration to overcome through each quest. The book offers explanations and answers as to why life can be difficult, but moreover offers solutions to these issues through the series of quests, presented as: (1) Discover why you are here; (2) Discover what tools and strengths you have; (3) Discover why life is so hard; (4) Discover the power of forgiveness; (5) Discover God's plan of justice and mercy; (6) Discover Satan's plan of deception; (7) Discover your real support system; (8) Discover where happiness is; (9) Discover your truest potential, while concluding with the final chapter: The Real Test Begins.

You're Strong Enough is an amazing book that gives purpose, hope, enlightenment, inspiration and courage to youth in facing all the difficulties of life and offers solutions to overcome the challenges through the power of forgiveness, hope and mercy of God. With great insight, scriptural application and wisdom from above, the author has developed an insightful read of living life through the transforming power of life in the Kingdom of God. Pointing readers to salvation, purpose and destiny, this read is a recommended read for youth that are not sure who they are and who they were created to be. This book gives practical teaching on the issues of life that are based on biblical doctrine. Life is a journey; life is a process; begin to understand your quest by grasping who you are and who you were created to be in God through this inspiring read, You're Strong Enough. Discover true purpose and hope through this powerful book that will lead you to your own journey through the straight and narrow path.