Writing in Business for Success & Profits: The Professional's Desktop Companion

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Ric Willmot
Ric Willmot “The Strategist” Is assisting organisations to improve performance, profits and productivity. Most businesses are en route to destinations they don’t seek because of a strategy they haven’t set is taking them there. Ric Willmot is seen as the thought leader for strate More...



You already know how important it is to communicate effectively in business so as to achieve the result you are looking for. You know what you want to say. The challenge is how to say it. This book shows you how. It is a practical tool that gives you the words you need, when you need them. Although the author focuses mostly on the written word, you will also find example conversations and telephone calls. The author, Ric Willmot shows you how to strike up a business relationship, maintain the relationship and identify the relationships worth pursuing and those to let go. Many professionals get blindsided with writer’s block or have difficulty choosing the most appropriate language when composing and writing proposals, letters of agreement, prospecting approaches, media releases, and the like. It can have an adverse effect on your business and your time. This desktop reference manual is your conduit to success that will enable you to achieve the results required from your business correspondence. Those of you who have experienced Ric first hand will jump at the chance to have his wisdom on hand. For those of you who are meeting Ric for the first time in this book, be prepared for a plethora of “light bulb moments”. Eschew writer’s block and take control of your written words with speed and effectiveness with this ultimate desktop companion. Writing well-crafted proposals, media releases, client correspondence, and the like, guarantees you’re seen as the expert you are, and gives you the advantage over your competition. In this book you have access to examples of: • Cold Call Letter • Business Proposal • Testimonial Request • Seminar Promotion • Referral Request • Media Release • Case Study • White Paper • Checklists • And much more Ready-made, high quality writing tools that help you grow your business.