By Karen Cogan

Publisher : Prism Book Group


ABOUT Karen Cogan

Karen Cogan
I've enjoyed writing articles and stories for years. Now, I write novels and love it!  I am a native of Texas and now live in New Mexico. I have a myriad of pets, teach in a public school, and love the outdoors. My husband is a professional artist and we have just experienced the birth  More...



Set on the Navajo Indian Reservation, RUNAWAY HEARTS captures the flavor of this remote land as a romance develops between two school teachers working at the boarding school. Lynn, a recent hire, believes putting distance between herself and her mother will be healthy. Then, she meets Greg. He understands the meaning of running away from his problems. He is mired in his past until Lynn teaches him the benefit of moving on.

I moved from Houston, TX to the desert southwest. I am intrigued by the scenery and culture of the area. The vast Navajo Reservation is very near where I live.

I have a 5 1/2 star review on this novel from Amazon readers.