Doctor, Doctor

Family & Relationships, Romance, Humor

By Lelani Black

Publisher : Littlemoon Press

Doctor, Doctor

ABOUT Lelani Black

Lelani Black
Author of sizzling erotic island romance. Boss With Benefits in e-book, Kindle and a #1 Bestseller on Amazon's Erotica Audible book list! New summer releases--Going Greek and Private Dancer--out now! Get your sexy on...



Doctor, Doctor is a red-hot Hawaiian romance novel about a Honolulu MD who doesn't know what his calm and orderly life has been missing until a quirky island family turns it upside down.  

Doctor, Doctor is a humorous love story about family, and loyalty. I wanted to write a love story that portrays island culture of the Hawaiian tropics, and blend it with mainstream romance using two characters who come from different worlds, and yet find they have more in common than they realize. While a few real life hunky-hot MD's served as inspiration for this frisky book, my mother owns part of the inspiration, too. By writing this book, I feel like I've honored her in some small yet special way while capturing the essence of what it is to live, work and fall in love in the islands.

**This story was very well put together, moved at a great rate of speed,and had it all: The attractive doctor, the stunning caterer, the hardworking mom, the over indulged brother. Then you add into the mix a thief and the story keeps you interested and in tune with the people in them!

The fireworks exploded between the main characters leaving you with that glowing smile of contentment!

Well done Ms. Black, well done indeed! Buy this book - you will love it.** by K-Trina Meador

**It's cheeky and sexy and easy to read and its island setting is beautifully described by the author.

Audrina, our heroine, is attractive, young and sassy but also practical, hard working and entrepreneurial. She loves her family and they come first in her world. The alpha male hero, Dr Love, is cool, sexy and an experienced lover so, when Audrina takes her mother's place, working as his housekeeper while her mother looks after grandma, there is bound to be fireworks! Ms Black sprinkles the book with colourful characters and lush descriptions of the setting and I loved the books visual nature.

With its graphic descriptions of love making, this book is definitely for over 18s but though explicit, it's very much about consensual pleasure between two adults and I loved it! by Tribalchick