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Paul Freeman
I live in Melbourne, sometimes referred to as the vegan capital of Australia, with my life partner: my green-smoothie blender. I've been vegan for over 10 years for ethical reasons; the environmental and health benefits are just gravy, and I like to get involved in fundraising, volunteerin More...



Melbourne is often regarded as the vegan capital of Australia, with a large, active vegan community, a wealth of resources to support vegan lifestyles and a huge range of places to eat and drink. The word "vegan" is generally recognised by all, and it is rare indeed to find a coffee shop that doesn't offer soya milk as an option.

The Vegan City Guide to Melbourne contains dozens of detailed reviews of vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, bars, shops and events in Melbourne, along with insider's advice on what to expect as a vegan traveling to Melbourne, more Melbourne resources for the vegan traveler and a map showing the locations of every establishment listed in the guide.

The e-book features speedy search capabilities that lets you shoot back to the Table of Contents from every chapter heading and jump easily to the websites of listed establishments by clicking on the embedded links. A handy geographical index lets you search establishments by the neighborhoods that they're in.

About Vegan City Guides: We're an independent publisher with the aim of making life a whole lot easier for vegan travelers. Our guides fill the gap left by other travel publications in catering to vegan and vegetarian needs. You know that chapter that's missing from your travel guidebook, the one that tells you where YOU can eat, sleep, shop and spend your leisure time? The one that tells you what obstacles you can expect to encounter as a vegan in a foreign city? Vegan City Guides, written by real vegans who know their cities inside out, have got you covered!