Life Under the Corporate Microscope

Business, Money & Investing

By Larry Underwood

Publisher : Outskirts Press

Life Under the Corporate Microscope

ABOUT Larry Underwood

larry underwood
Retired executive from Enterprise Rent-a-Car (1974-2000), pioneering the company's successful expansion into the Desert Southwest. Witnessed the organization's transformaton from a small, fun-loving company into a huge, humorless corporate bureaucracy; wrote a book about the experience (L More...



A maverick's irreverent perspecitve of life in corporate America, replete with micro-managing & backstabbing.  What I experienced over a 26-year career is a recurring theme in recent years with many large corporations---bureaucratic hierarchies have lost touch with their front-line employees in the trenches; employee engagement is a challenge, morale is hindered, retention is low & productivity has declined. dramatically.