She's A Keeper: A Guide To Your Woman's Heart

ABOUT LaResa Brunson

LaResa Brunson
I am a author and poet who writes in her spare time. I have always had a passion for writing. And I have been writing since middle school. I had grew up in the Queen City in N.C. And I think peer pressure was one of the reasons why I wrote. But the main reason is because in middle school;  More...



A guide for men to learn more about women for their understanding. Also, if they would like to make peace with their woman. And if love has brought you here, or you are just very interested then you are at the right place at this moment. First of all, do you have a woman in your life that is worth keeping? Will you do anything to make it right? Put aside all of the fears or anything that is blocking your way. Leave a clear path, while you are trying to move forward in the best interest of you and your lady. Avoid the trouble and make peace with her right now. It is never too late to make it right with someone. Let them know how you are feeling. In this life, you never know what the fate of tomorrow brings. Don't go a day, ending it on a bad note. Go to bed happy! Now, you will get the inside scoop of what to expect in "She's A Keeper: A Guide To Your Woman's Heart." Chapter 1- Discover Respect Chapter 2- Be Understanding Chapter 3- Give Her Support Chapter 5- Be Trustworthy Chapter 6- Sex In Relationships Chapter 7- Why We Nag & Why We Shouldn't? Chapter 8- Commitment I hope that I was able to help you learn or get all the information that you wanted to know in my ebook here. I had wanted to share some knowledge with you guys about us women. There are some good ones out here. And if you are good with your lady, you will not have no problems. But, if you ever need to know something, it is here for your use. And if you had made it this far; thank you for choosing my ebook and I hope you will enjoy it.

I feel that in order for a man to understand his woman, he should get to know her first. So, they can at least be on good terms with each other. Life is too short and everyone should make peace with each other. Especially, if you really love and care for each other.