ABOUT Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion
Hunt Henion writes for the Examiner and has been involved in deciphering the spiritual nature of life his entire life. He has a PhD in Religious Studies and is a best-selling author.  He's written five books and compiled two anthologies (both Amazon Best-sellers)..



This is a true love story about two golden-agers, one of whom is much more golden colored than the other. However you define the "twilight years,"  Hunt & Bunny are in the zone - that Twilight Zone that begins somewhere around 60.
Although they're as different as black and white, they get along amazingly well somehow.  "Hunt 'n Bunny in Wonderland" explains how, in hope-inspiring delightful detail.  
"Hunt 'n Bunny" is a story of one man's search for love and his discoveries along the way.  As Hunt summarizes his romantic revelations, he give the reader some charming and challenging notions about life and love to consider. 
Like "Alice in Wonderland," Hunt & Bunny's adventures in Wonderland walk the reader through a captivating place where you witness an often surprising code of conduct. Both books have many original illustrations. However, instead of just describing a strange land that becomes "curiouser and curiouser," Hunt & Bunny's Wonderland is a romantic world with happy endings and inspiring revelations at every turn.
Light and fun, this concise book reveals a serious message about the rewards of grounding our lives in love, and the value of an accountable partner in that process.
"Hunt's Hierarchy of Partnership Needs" details how a couple can help each other scale Maslow's classic pyramid. "Tea Time" cites how all the major religions have commanded their congregations to obey the same core concept of kindness. Still, for those who need a practical reason to obey those golden rules, "The Golden Key" gives you exactly that.
Hunt & Bunny's adventures and observations in Wonderland creates a map of how to get back to that land where loves forms the essential foundations of all of our projects and pursuits. This book is a love story on a higher level and a guide to successfully navigating that alternative world.