Yearning For Love


By Toye Brown

Publisher : BooksByToye

ABOUT Toye Brown

Toye Brown
Toye Lawson Brown lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an Amazon bestselling author of romance which includes interracial romance, romantic suspense, and multicultural novels. And recently nominated by the B.R.A.B Book Club for Breakout Author of the Year 2014. Each novel is a journey into the More...


Nicole McLin grew up in a cold, loveless household and faced the world alone. Although able to smile on contact, no one on the outside knew how damaged she was on the inside. A fashion designer at heart, she agrees to design and make a wedding dress for a woman who has managed to gain entry into her private life. What a mistake she realizes that is once she agrees to be a bridesmaid for the woman. All hell breaks loose when she is introduced to Walker Albright. A caring man she can’t resist but has to in order not to drag him into her dark tormented life. Walker Albright is Patty’s soon-to-be brother-in-law. The handsome auto mechanic is full of life, charming and oozing sex appeal. He’s also yearning for love and feels the one woman for him is out there, and he is determined to find her. On the day of his brother’s wedding rehearsal, he is introduced to the woman he’s been waiting for all his life. Although a pleasant person, Nicole McLin is somewhat cold and adamant about not letting anyone share her space. Will he be able to break through her walls and show her what she’s been missing or go on to face another failed attempt at happiness?

A Tale of A Broken Woman And A Man Searching For The Woman Who Eludes Him Nicole McLin is a mysterious woman who chooses to live quietly in Columbus, Ohio. She never allows anyone close to her; that is until she meets Patty. Patty convinced her to attend her wedding as a bridesmaid where she meets Walker Albright, the man who will usher her down the aisle. Walker Albright owns a successful auto repair shop. Abruptly dumped by his long-time girlfriend, he is in search for the woman of his dreams. He meets the woman he feels is destined for him at his brother’s wedding rehearsal, but she seems distant and closed. Will he be able to break her walls before she returns home and is out of his life forever? “I’m fooling around but curious how a woman like you doesn’t have a trail of men sniffing after her.”—Walker Albright. “It’s hard to be noticed when you’re practically invisible.”—Nicole Walker. Toye Lawson Brown pens an interracial romance that will have the heart Yearning For Love.