Mary's Christmas

Mary's Christmas

ABOUT Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox
Deborah Cox has seldon been without a writing pad and a pencil or pen in hand. From the time she knew what words were she has wanted to be a writer. Torn between her two loves, Literature and History, she opted for the former and earned a degree in English Lit. She lives in New Orleans wit More...



Reese MacBride endures Christmas, while Emma Reardon insists on celebrating every year. Brought together in the aftermath of war, torn apart by his need for vengeance and her need to get on with her life, they haven't seen each other for four years. But when a child named Mary comes into his life, Reese realizes Emma was right all along. And he realizes she is the only woman he wants. But is it too late to rekindle their love?

This is a sweet romance told from the hero's point of view as he struggles to leave the past behind and build a new future.