Love Stories from The Caribbean

ABOUT Rafin R. Mena

Rafin R. Mena
Retired US Attorney who writes historical background novels and short stories. Well researched novels about caribbean history. Lived for 13 years in the USA New England Region and cther Latinamerican countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Born in Puerto Rico, wr More...



Love stories of the Caribbean are basically that, love stories and they take place during the eighteen and nineteen centuries’ Caribbean; mostly in Puerto Rico the Dominican Republic and Cuba. They show a lot of the costumes and mores of the time, and the way men loved women then. They are very colloquial, well written anecdotes using expressions of the time. This is, particularly at the end of the nineteen century, an extremely difficult and neuralgic period in Puerto Rico, especially when the U.S, troops occupied the Islands. Nonetheless, it is also a time when the most beautiful love stories are written in these countries. These six love stories are a 100 pages of beautifully crafted narrative of the most inner aspects of the human soul when it is shared with another one