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Stacey Watts
A native Texan, author Stacey Watts has a sharp eye for fascinating stories. A family-oriented writer, she pursues educating her young son, while keeping her media-savvy husband's ego in check. She combines her love of suspense, drama and intrigue into writing spellbinding stories of roman More...



All Cynthia Seville wanted in life was to find true love, and thought she had found it in Eric Taylor. A year after meeting the love of her life, Cynthia’s life began to crumble around her, as Eric was declared dead at sea. He had promised her security and was looking forward to saving the only piece of family history she owned, her stately beach home, Morning Glen.
Leo Walters’ return was not a happy one. His mission to break the heart of Porterville’s most influential woman; was made all the more difficult because she was someone he had an aching desire to love and protect. Of course he knew there was no way she would reciprocate his love. At best, he hoped she would believe the whopping tale he had to tell, but to his dismay, Cynthia accused him of having a hand in Eric's death.
Did Leo murder Eric? Cynthia desperately needed to find out the truth, to her, it was a matter of life and death. Seeking answers, she snuck onto a ship disguised as a sailor, but a tragic accident put her in a position of vulnerability to the man she feared most. Would her fate be the same as that of her true love Eric, or could the two unfortunate souls put away their differences to survive?
Shipmates is an exciting adventure cloaked with legend and romance, leaving one spellbound as two hearts collide on the open seas.