The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion: 100+ Resources at Your Fingertips!

The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion: 100+ Resources at Your Fingertips!

ABOUT Sakeena Rashid

Sakeena Rashid
Sakeena Rashid is a published freelance writer who has interviewed and researched numerous business experts, CEOs, and corporations and conveyed their stories to a global audience. She’s the author of the new e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion: 100+ Resources At Your More...


A comprehensive shopping and style guide for women looking for modest fashions (long skirts, shirts, wide-leg pants, abayas and maxi dresses). The ebook contains 15 chapters detailing Accessories, Eid and Wedding styles, Graduation, Office Chic, Plus-size fashions, Active Wear, Modest Maternity, Girls styles, and even Teen style inspiration.

With over 150 pages and well over 100+ resources for all things modest fashion, you'll find this ebook to be an invaluable reference when searching for hard-to-find items and everyday necessities.

Whether your a bride-to-be looking for that perfect modest gown, or a working woman searching for covering professional attire you'll find everything to suit your fashion needs with this useful guide. There's been a surge of interest in modest street fashions, everyday hijabs styles and hijab trends. We cover these topics and even include step-by-step tutorials (with pictures) to teach you how to recreate new hijaab styles.

An extensive amount of time has been spent researching and gathering resources so that our readers can find instant clothing solutions that fit their life.Plus-size tops, pants, abayas, and dresses that are modest have been carefully selected to ensure we are providing you with style resources that make your life easier.

We've gathered a diverse array of companies who offer maternity and nursing abayas, which we know can sometimes be difficult to find. We're happy to be able to supply you with a variety of retailers to choose from.

You'll find style tips, amazing clothes, fun DIY fashion projects, and so much more in this handy ebook! Purchase your copy now.