Infinite Everyday Understanding: When Things Ain't All Good

ABOUT Melki J.K. Russell

Melki J.K. Russell
Suffering and hard times are a natural aspect of life - like joy and pain. But what if our higher self was dictating our most painful experiences? What if there is not only a lesson that we were trying to teach ourselves behind the pain - but also a formula? ***  Most spiritual self-hel More...



Infinite Everyday Understanding: When Things Ain't All Good by author and journalist Melki J.K. Russell seeks to answer big questions about life. Melki incorporates ancient wisdom and various cultural traditions into a non-denominational simplified explanation of life, suffering, and the interactive nature of the Universe. He discusses how the world functions interactively and opposite to our conditioned expectations in a manner compelling us to awaken us to our higher consciousness. He talks about how our passions and disillusionment work to help us co-create our experiences including the painful ones as a means to awaken us and to enlighten us to our true nature and the purpose of life.