Seeking Through Soaking: The Purposeful Pursuit of His Presence

ABOUT Sandee Hemphill

Sandee Hemphill
Sandee Hemphill writes about the life she lives. She began her publishing career shortly after college, crafting how-to books for the business community. This was Sandee's introduction to publisher. 



Are you connected to God? Is your relationship as pleasing as you'd desire? Do you desire more of Him but have been at a loss as to how you could possibly - in your human state - accomplish such a lofty goal?

If this has been the cry of your heart, you've come to the right title. "Seeking Through Soaking" will show you how to fulfill you desire for more of Him!

The title describes the journey, but the subtitle subtitle reflects its goal: "The Purposeful Pursuit of His Presence." That's what "Seeking Through Soaking" is all about. It's about pursuing Him, and the various methods we can use to find Him. It's about intentionally pursuing Him rather than merely stumbling upon Him. It's about knowing what to do when you find Him (or when He finds your). And it's about being quiet and still in His presence.

Stillness tends to be a foreign word in today's language. But stillness is a desirable trait in the pursuit of His presence.

Stillness is a key to intimacy with God, and is one of the main goals of our pursuit. Stillness is a goal. It's a destination in the Spirit and a goal in the natural. This book creates a step-by-step plan for attaining this goal during your soaking encounters.

For the most part, soaking has been lost in our daily Christian development. It has not received the attention needed to make it an integral part of the relationship with our loving Father.

Many of us have been involved in some form of religious or ministry training. Soaking is not rooted in religion. It is a part of a living relationship that every Believer should embrace and develop.

Soaking is like being on a spiritual super highway. There are many paths leading to your Father’s heart. Each journey is filled with intrigue and excitement.

Your soaking path is determined by how much time you are willing to invest in the journey. Through soaking, you'll never take the same path twice!

Soaking deals with the truth. It brings you to the truth of your relationship with God, and with yourself. It is designed to bring you to the naked truth because we can only truly encounter His presence in truth. Soaking is a spiritual journey toward truth.

Your soaking encounters constitute a journey of discovery. On one hand, what you discover may be entirely new to you. Or it may be an upgrade of your current relationship with Him. Or it could be a reminder of the joys you experience with Him on a regular basis. Either way, the outcome glorifies Him.

Imagine yourself as an average, everyday Christian, being given the privilege of not only standing in His presence, but seeing Him as well. You no longer have to wait once a year (like the priests did), or wait for special days to enter His presence.

Soaking brings you into divine union with Him; you are transformed when you are with Him. Soaking resets your communications channel, resulting in new expressions of His glory springing forth from you.

This is going to be an exciting journey, one you'll cherish and revisit as often as possible. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime!