Seasons Of The Heart


By Stephanie Fletcher

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ABOUT Stephanie Fletcher

Stephanie Fletcher
Biography I am a Mother and best friend to three girls.  I truly love my life and every person who has ever touched it with unconditional love, and I am grateful for all their support in my endeavours. I am now a grandmother for the first time in October 2012 and I am sure inspiration wi More...



Seasons of the Heart These four short stories reveal to us the four stages of ‘LOVE’ throughout a year in the lives of very different couples and their experience of love at a certain stage in life. ‘Spring’ tells us of a first love, of puppy love, of a crush, and the ending of such love, as a person grows with experience and they learn more about their relationships. ‘Summer’ is about a chance meeting which maybe the beginning of true adult love, or unconditional love. It is a story of hope, of not giving up on love, that it may, at any time, in any situation, leap out and touch us on the shoulder. ‘Autumn’ reveals to us what happens when things start to go wrong, when love leaves and divorce seems inevitable or is it? Finally, ‘Winter’ takes us to a place that all couples fear - being the one left alive and alone, when their partner passes away. It is a sad but enlightening story which shows that true love never dies.

Over the years I have had many relationships myself and have also studied other peoples. I started writing Summer first and the rest followed. I hope to add more stories to this anthology of Romance in the future.