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Aji Michael
Aji R Michael (FInstLM, MBA) known as the “Trusted Advisor Diva” is an internationally recognised transitional leadership expert and the President of Head Affairs Group.  As a leading strategist, she is known for providing proven strategies to shift individual/Executive behaviour, an More...



“What would You really be doing if money were not an issue?”
Does success mean acquiring list of accolades?
Does it mean having significant wealth, status and power?

Having wrestled with life issues over the past thirty years, I have come to believe that the key to achieving your aspirations lies not so much in “having” but rather “being”. This requires you to create your own definition of success rather than accept a definition created by others.
I wrote this book to address these questions and to create a road map to help you achieve your aspirations. For many of us, navigating this road is very challenging because it forces us to understand ourselves and screen out many of the external forces that profoundly impact how we think about our career and our lives.
Following this road map involves taking a series of steps and answering a set of questions, all of which require you to look inward as well as outward. It also involves developing a set of new skills and habits, some of which may be challenging and uncomfortable for you.

Reaching your potential is not simply about dreaming or being idealistic. It is a process that involves specific actions, exercises, discipline and hard-work. It is challenging, rewarding, and unending. I

"This book is a work of art and the first offering from AJI R.Michael.It is a journey of the mind and heart, filled with inspiration, self discovery and workaday wisdom.This is not the work of an ageing sage musing at the fireside ;but the insights of a leadership consultant in the throes of life's battles,who through scholarship,practice,trials and experience has given us a literary delight and a step by step journal for success.
I commend this book highly!"

David Okorodudu - President, Wisdom House International