Seeds of Transformation: Choosing to Live an Authentic Life

ABOUT Charmaine Shaw

Charmaine Shaw
Hello Beautiful Friend I am a Holistic Life Coach, Fitness Advocate, Author and Inspirational Speaker. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica but currently live in Los Angeles, California.  One Love - Charmaine  



Why do you hold onto certain beliefs? When do you stop and ask why is this so? Holistic life coach, Fitness Advocate, and Grass-Root Speaker Charmaine Shaw bursts onto the scene with her debut self-help book, Seeds of Transformation: Choosing to Live an Authentic Life, which answers these questions and invites readers to change. “If we have resistance to anything, it's a sign that we need to look at something in us.” “As long as we maintain hidden agendas and deny our truth, intimacy is impossible.” “Look at your patterns of behavior, at how certain moments or events make you feel and ask yourself why am I feeling this way? Where did this come from? Follow the trail and it will lead you to your inner wounded child.” These one-page “seeds” challenge you to reverse the way you’ve been negatively conditioned – because everyone is a product of conditioning. For each new topic, Charmaine dares to ask the questions no one else is asking. Instead of offering hard and fast answers, she asks more questions to guide the reader toward living a more authentic life. Topics include romantic relationships, parenting, birth & death, discovering the real you, and more. Rich, simple, and thought-provoking, Seeds of Transformation: Choosing to Live an Authentic Life is a refreshing departure from self-help books touting a number of habits, keys, or secrets to success. For truth in condensed form, Charmaine packs a punch. If you feel stuck; if you seek change; if the way you view the world no longer works, it’s time to plant some seeds of transformation.