Be The Genius You Were Born To Be: 10 Secrets That Will Transform You Into A Superhuman (Health, Abundance & Happiness) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Harshajyoti Das

Harshajyoti Das
Harshajyoti Das is the Author of 3 bestselling books. Currently he is writing a book called, The Art Of Book Marketing For Self-Published Authors:  Increase your book sales by 700% in 7 days. He is the Co-Founder & CEO at Munmi IT Solutions LLP. He runs a blog for self-published auth More...



You can turn your life upside down - I am serious !

> You will be more positive and happier

> You will start believing your gut instincts

> Will help you both professionally and personally

> You will find your life's purpose

> You will make people around you happy

> It will be an eye-opener

> It's a friend who will bring you back in track


I always wanted to write a book that concerns normal people. Normal people like you and me. I want to help people with their lives. Hence, this book’s priced at 99 cents only. I have no money making agenda with this book. I have other channels to cash in.

I don’t want to be a life coach. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why should I coach your life in a way that I think is right? What I really want is, to spread my knowledge and values. You have the liberty to either accept it or discard it.

Chapters - At a Glance

> The Universe Has A Reason For Any And Everything

> Choose Love before Anything

> Dump your Phone

> What's Good is also Evil

> You need to get it right just once

> Join the 4 am club

> Activate Your Right-Brain To be More Human

> Dump Your Day Job

> Brainstorm Ideas like Einstein

> Invest Your Time When You Don’t Have Money


Shit happens to all of us

Shit happens and it has been happening to me since my childhood. Still, I am a very happy person. You will eventually know a lot about me after reading my books. Anyways, what define us are not our miseries but how we find a way to overcome it. I am sure there are things in life we all struggle with. This book’s focused on showing you a whole new way to live your life.

Please keep an open mind while reading this book. Take in what you can accept and discard the rest. Only because these techniques or philosophies have worked for millions of others doesn’t mean it will work for you as well.

We were all born to be a genius. We have such a powerful brain and a beautiful life. Our tragedies in life have swept us to another corner in the world where our ‘infinite opportunities’ have been entrapped among all our worries, challenges, and miseries. Let’s find a way back home. Shall we? Alright, let’s get started....