Six easy ways to reduce anxiety and stress

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Gatot Soedarto

Publisher : Gatot Soedarto

ABOUT Gatot Soedarto

Gatot Soedarto
Capt (Ret) Gatot Soedarto, was born in Tuban, East Java, he graduated from The Indonesia Naval Academy. Former Chief of The Indonesia Coast Guard's Fleet, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Academy, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Staff and Command College, lecturer at The Indonesia Armed's  More...


If someday our wishes have turned on the other way around to tangle us and to force us to be in a situation making us feel annoyed, anxiety and nervous, or we feel sad and angry continuously, or we feel confused or staying in a very difficult position because we have to choose the alternatives with the same heavy risks. Therefore, before being attacked by psychological lengthy stresses, we can practice the ways to reducing anxiety and stress as described in this book..