Bread For Adversity: 30 Days Devotional Fuel for Faith

Bread For Adversity: 30 Days Devotional Fuel for Faith

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Richard L. Toney is an African American poet, writer, and inspirational speaker. A growing and emerging voice teaching and leading many to hear and follow their passions spiritually. Equipping them to see God's voice in the everyday moments of life. Beyond traditional beliefs and establi More...



Eat Now and Be Inspired!

Discover new fuel to push you past the storm.

The bread of adversity is life's meal to ensure you've got the strength to survive. Eat and be measured strong enough to weather the test; Steady enough to stand with faith. You're looking for desserts, how about the meal on your plate? You've studied, You've prayed

Now Finish the day strong and eat.

˃˃˃ Fuel Your Faith for the Challenges of Tomorrow

You've had yesterday's sermon. You're living a testament of the miracle that made it. Your last instruction is to GO!

Storms may arise, Questions may come without answer. Yet faith is in you. You've heard the message. You've had the meal. Now it's time to put it to work. In your hand is the unfailing truth of God's promise, He's with you

He's with you at the breaking of the bread. He's with you in tears passing the wine.

There's no more need to be somber, Rejoice!

Everything you've seen, Every Challenge you've faced, Now's the time to use it to Change Tomorrow.

˃˃˃ Be Strong and Courageous

The worst is past.

He's given you enough food for the journey. Before you set sail there are two more gifts. The Promise and A Reminder. He believes in you. He Said you could. Remember your history. The prayers, the studying, the answers, Your life with Him is in You. You can make it through the test. The only question is. Are you willing to push?

Use your hard fought faith, your hard won fuel, to push past the darkest corner into the sweetest taste of victory.

Your dessert is waiting.

Take some encouragement and grab a copy today.