Harmonology: An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music

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Stephen OConnor
             Stephen O’Connor, Author of Harmonology––An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music and Counterpoint to Reality, first was awarded the prestigious Down Beat Magazine scholarship for jazz composition and improvisation to Berkeley School of Mus More...


A groundbreaking, practical and unique insight for transforming troubled relationships into positive ones.

Whether you're single and searching for your "soul-mate," or want to heal the relationships you already have, the groundbreaking ideas in this book--and the inspiring stories of real people expressing the various interval relationships--will open you to a whole new world of possibilities. Because Harmonology is more than just a book. It's a great way of viewing your life.


  1. What Constitutes An Interval Relationship
  2. How To Build Harmony Into Your Family Relationships
  3. How Vibrational Energy Creates The Challenges And Successes Of Our Relationships
  4. Which Intervals Are Best For Hot Romance
  5. How To Understand And Heal Family Trauma
  6. How To Find The Right Person For Your Fulfillment
  7. How To Understand Family, Friends and Workplace Associates

This book is one of the most unusual you'll ever have the pleasure of both reading and interacting. You'll hear months in a whole new way--as you will see your loved ones, friends and acquaintances who all have birth month music markers. This book is the key to unlocking the door of your own music signature as it is embedded in your soul. Mary Holden – Author, Editor

Stephen O'Connor has his finger on something moving and profound. Geoffrey T. Williams - Author

Stephen John O'Connor's non-fiction work, Harmonology: An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music, presents an intriguing, music-based approach to understanding the dynamics of relationships. Jack Magnus – Reader’s Favorite

Relationships are life’s harmonies and we are the musical notes. Harmonology––An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music does an exquisite job of showing you exactly how these notes blend together to make up the symphony of your life. (It) will give you valuable insights into your current relationships, your life experiences and yourself. Dr. Nick Campos – Author of Seeking the Self Through Meditation