The Refusal to Return to Slime: All About Slime 2: Refusal to Return to a Life Filled With Counterfeit Love (Volume 2)

The Refusal to Return to Slime: All About Slime 2: Refusal to Return to a Life Filled With Counterfeit Love (Volume 2)

ABOUT Nicole S. Brown

Nicole S.  Brown



The Refusal to Return to Slime is another testimony of Author Nicole S. Brown. This poetry journal is a sequel to its predecessor, All About Slime, which is regarding a ten- year relationship with a man with who had a phobia toward commitment to her, but not two other women that share our genus and species. The Refusal to Return to Slime speaks of an attack that nearly killed her because this worldly successful man would not allow her to be with Jesus. She discovered that this attack was on her purpose and plans was orchestrated by this one man who stated that he never was involved with her (got married on her twice), fathered their lost child, or even loved her. He said that she was just a friend who tried to destroy his home and actually did it. Once the love of her life who he never publicly acknowledged, a top Louisiana attorney from North Chicago, uses his former and current wives, their families and hers, state governmental agencies and entities, Greek letter organizations,legal organizations, and an alumni association in order to regain her (his ex-mistress of ten years). Dark secrets of betrayal and obsession are unleashed in this poetry journal. Witnessing to the guilty parties, moments of Author Nicole S. Brown’s despair, statements of forgiveness, and confessions of guilt among many other topics are rendered to the reader for a look into the lives of a nymphomaniac, money-hungry, powertripping, Louisiana attorney, his wives who supported his need for money, his ex- mistress (Author Nicole S. Brown- he was her only friend from college) who lovingly boosted his ego and loins, and the corruption of Louisiana government head on. After five years of separation and his attempt to gain her back, she still affirms to not being his scapegoat by not admitting to a lie that he claimed that she did: destroying his household. Nicole stands her ground firmly and states that he is the reason that his home was and is in the shape that it’s in…on shaky ground. Nicole with God’s help comes out ofthis situation a winner although it appeared to the world that she was a loser and a liar. The true loser and liar is who? Read on people to see. It is a man but it really is the enemy. This poetry journal includes visionary pieces as well as real encounters. It doesn’t state that she doesn’t love the man. It’s a refusal to return to dealing with his foolishness and his marital status. This story is not defamatory at all and its sole purpose is for God to get the glory. The only real name that is listed in this book is Author Nicole S.Brown. This is not the average Christian story. It hits real life and it does have language that may not be suitable to the average Christian. The Refusal to Return Slime is for mature audiences only and will be available worldwide on a stately day.