The Simplest Fort (Fort Guidebook Book 1)

The Simplest Fort (Fort Guidebook Book 1)

ABOUT Ronald Rex

Ronald Rex
Ronald is an experienced carpenter and designer of forts and many other projects for over fifteen years.  He uses his books to share his insights and designs with other do-it-yourselfers.   Some of these DIY books are: The Simplest Fort, Chicken Coop, Dog House, Rustic Fort, Shotgun For More...


Build your own fort:

Some of us are not as creative or skilled enough to design our own forts. This instructional document is to help the novice or semi-experienced carpenter to create their own fort for their children or even pets.

This fort was specifically designed in a certain manner. The picture on the front cover is the actual fort that was built for this plan. Some modifications were made to simplify this plan for the novice.

These instructions are a guide to build a six foot square fort that is roughly ten feet tall. It has a ladder leading into a two foot porch area and a four by six foot housing area. The housing area is four feet from the ground and the roof is four feet from the deck. The underground area is four feet from ground.

There are drawings and tables inside, as well as optional modifications like trapdoor and sandbox.