Renegade Code: Break the Traditional "Rules" of Financial Success

ABOUT Peggy Lusk

Peggy Lusk
Peggy is a Business Consultant, Financial Coach and Instructor who broke away from Corporate America to create her Life of Abundance.  Peggy’s ‘aha moment’ that impelled her to make this break came in 2007.   Physically and mentally exhausted from weeks of relentless business tra More...



You likely already know your financial picture is not looking the way you want it to right now. It’s as though someone changed the goalpost and the traditional rules for financial success are no longer working. To make matters worse, it seems as though every financial expert you’ve met or heard about has different advice for you to make the changes needed to move you forward. 

You’d really like a better understanding about all your options, and what the benefits and trade-offs are for those options, rather than just handing those decisions to someone who will implement their cookie-cutter approach. After all, the impact of the financial decisions you make directly affects you and your family; you’d like to have more understanding and input into the process.

If this sounds like you, you need to know the basics of creating a solid plan for your financial future, and how to adjust that plan as your requirements and the world around you change.

In this action-oriented book, Peggy Lusk gives you the information you need to know to get started, along with worksheets and templates to gather your financial information. It also provides practical advice about choosing and working with financial services professionals.

By drawing examples from her training and experience in the financial services industry, and working with families and business owners to develop their own financial plans, she gives you the information you need to make the key decisions that form the backbone of the plans you follow to create financial success.

She does this by carefully explaining all the major components of the planning process, along with the alternatives, trade-offs and benefits. She prides herself on guiding those who want to take control of their financial future through the noise and confusion, without interjecting her opinion on the “one” course of action. (Because there’s always more than one way to achieve financial success.)

This book guides you through the steps to gather the information your financial services professional would consider necessary, and which will help you find the best solutions to meet your financial goals.

In this how-to guide, you will be given: 

• An action plan for protecting your family from the things that can lead to a financial disaster
• A proven approach to analyzing your assets to determine if they are structured appropriately to help you reach your financial goals
• A process to analyze your income and expenses to determine whether you are on on track with your financial plan
• Actions you can take if you are not on track to meet your financial goals
• Actionable steps to get the ball rolling on the implementation of your financial plan 

Following the processes defined in this book and completing the worksheets for your current financial status and your financial goals for the future will guarantee that you are no longer confused about the steps needed to create, implement and maintain your financial plan.

It’s never too late to start creating your path to financial success, but the longer you delay, the longer you and your family will remain mired in financial confusion. Be the kind of person who adapts to changes in their circumstances without worry or fear about the financial impact—who instead evaluates opportunities and reacts boldly to upcoming changes.

The financial information you’re about to read will fill in the gaps in your financial knowledge and give you the confidence you need to create your own customized financial plan. Don’t continue to struggle needlessly. Take back control of your financial future and be all that you can be.