Divorcing Jesus: A Spiritual Love Story

Religion & Spirituality, Health, Mind & Body, Family & Relationships

By TMalkia Zuri

Publisher : www.griotpublishinghouse.com

ABOUT TMalkia Zuri

TMalkia Zuri
Empress T, host of Life After Christianity 101 is a recovering Christian who is 36 months clean after 44 years of indoctrination, and has devoted much of her time in sharing what she has learned. She was born and raised a Baptist, then converted to Pentecostal, then Islamic, then Hebrew  More...


She faithfully served her master Jesus in exchange for the promise of eternal life, prosperity, good health, protection and peace on earth. Over 43 years later, her quest to receive those promises ended when she was forced to face the question of his existence.

I often get this question "WHAT HAPPENED THAT MADE YOU LEAVE CHRISTIANITY?"....Some ask because they can't believe that I was able to escape the hold of Christianity...some ask because they think that something bad happened at my church that turned me away from Christianity. Others are just stunned that a black woman would denounce the teachings of Christianity. Needless to say, it wasn’t any of those reasons. I was in love with a man that I had heard of but never seen. A man that I read about but never saw any writings from. A man that never sinned but died for the sinners, (so they say). I was in love with a man who was supposed to be my everything: my way maker, my confidant, my provider, my savior, my leader, my husband and my lover. With him, I needed no physical man. This is the journey of my life. From the time I came to know about this man called “Jesus” from within my mother’s womb to the time I turned away from him. This is the story of our fantasized relationship that led to divorce. You see, divorce can be a devastating event in your life with a man or woman that you can see, but to divorce an idea that you cannot see can be traumatizing. Hopefully, my story will help all who dare open this book.