Concise Encyclopaedia of Management and Economic Sciences

Concise Encyclopaedia of Management and Economic Sciences

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Sohanraj Mohnot
INTECOS launched its operations way back in 1973 when economic liberalization was yet for away from India in economic service in structure, technology and process dynamics. Industries all over the world were going through major transformations. Having experienced the economic transformatio More...



The Concise Encyclopaedia covers over 1100 solid pages. It is, perhaps, the first attempt of its kind at synthesizing the two disciplines.

An endeavour has been made to go beyond the primary definitions by extending the coverage, as necessary, to the applications and ramifications of the concepts and techniques.

Besides economics and management, it covers associated disciplines like statistics and econometrics, operations research and extends to banking, insurance, financial services, merchant banking and consulting services, market research, human resource management and information technology.

The two volumes carry three important annexes with cross-references.

1. Leading Economists, especially all Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who have contributed to basic economic thought.

2. Leading Management Thinkers and Strategists on whose contributions the edifice of contemporary management science and practices has been built.

3. Leading internationally known economic and management institutions, such as, IMF, World Bank, UNIDO, ILO, OECD, WTO.

Covering among other

■ Corporate Management ■ Industrial  Relations ■ Quality Management ■ Technology Planning ■ Infrastructural Development ■ Marketing Strategies ■ Economic Planning ■ Project Planning Evaluation ■ Macro and Micro Economics ■ Environment Protection ■ International Business ■ Project Management ■International Trade ■ Monetary and Credit Policy ■ Industrial Engineering ■ Market Research ■ Banking and Financial Services ■ Information Technology ■ National Accounting ■ Materials Management ■ Statistical Analysis ■ Development Economics ■ Stock/Commodity Markets ■ Cost Accounting           ■ Financial Management ■ Accounts and Auditing ■ Consulting and Counseling ■ Forex Management ■ Human Resource Management ■ Logistics Management ■ Operations Research ■ Fiscal Management