The Thoughtful Leader: How to use your head and your heart to inspire others

Business, Money & Investing

By Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Publisher : Panoma Press

ABOUT Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein



Is it time for leaders to think more deeply and more effectively?

Tired of people throwing the term 'thought leadership' around and using it to label unexceptional people and mediocre content, Mindy Gibbins-Klein sets out to define and introduce a new paradigm and a new standard of idea generation and sharing.

Thoughtful leaders exhibit exceptional thinking as well as consideration for others. It is the thoughtful leader who will introduce a new era - a more thoughtful era.

This brave book inspires, encourages and teaches Real thought leaders a new way of thinking and behaving.

- Reach beyond content marketing and thought leadership
- Achieve greater levels of thinking
- Discover hidden depths within yourself
- Become a true Thoughtful Leader