ABOUT Paul Cassano

Paul Cassano
~~Dr. Paul V. Cassano is a retired Professor of Romance Languages. His University career involved a lengthy tenure as an academic administrator. He has served as a Dean of Arts, a Vice President Academic and a Senior Vice President, External. He has also seen service as a President of a Fa More...



This book has been prepared for prospective college and university students as well for their parents. It is far different from many such other books because it is being written from the other side of the desk, so to speak. The author himself was a University Student, a Professor, Dean of Arts, Vice President, Academic (in charge of all academic programs in an entire University), as well as Sr. Vice President, External. He has logged 45 years in the academy and is setting out the fruits of his experience. The book explores 40 different topics, ranging from the selection of an institution of higher learning, helpful advice on how to navigate the structures of same; how to take notes; how to prepare for exams; how to appeal a grade; how to secure the best financial aid package and generally, how to integrate into a novel environment. This book is a must read for students and for parents who are about to embark on a new educational adventure. Don't leave home for college or university without it!!