Win Your Wounds: Make Better Choices & Improve the Way You Perceive Life, Yourself and Others

Win Your Wounds: Make Better Choices & Improve the Way You Perceive Life, Yourself and Others

ABOUT Abdulbagi Alimam

Abdulbagi Alimam
My Name is Abdulbagi Khalifa Alimam. I was born in February 19, 1961 in Sudan which is the country of my descent. I immigrated to the USA in 1997 and have been living in Denver Colorado ever since, together with my wife and three children. I acquired my bachelor degree in business from Ain More...



With unique perspective Abdulbagi K Alimam shares with you his profound wisdom regarding our everlasting human spirit, which he believes is the exclusive depository of our intrinsic value. As he believes, that spirit is the mother of the three basic elements of our human excellence which are: Talent, creativity and wisdom. The only way to enrich our lives and glorify our presence in this world, is to refrain from negativity in all its forms such as that of thoughts, of emotions and of actions. That would elevate our everlasting human spirit up to its level of “higher consciousness” where peace, happiness and love are absolute and for all beings without exceptions or expectations. At that state of being we can begin to see the world with an open mind and in a better light. We can correct our perceptions of ourselves and others, and we can certainly start to think outside the sphere of our religious, social and cultural conditioning which moved us out of tune with each others and contributed a lot towards the chaos and confusion that we see in the world today. It is within our reach to renew our hopes and transform this planet into a wonderland of peace and love, where we can use our superficial differences as resources of enrichment and harmony as opposed to sources of conflicts and disparity. We can receive greatness and cultivate abundance in life when we foster unbiased understanding and respect deep within each and every one of us, as well as between all people, cultures and religions. Now is the time to transcend fear and propagate love, before it is too late!!