From Selling to Co-Creating: New trends, Practices and Tools to Upgrade Your Sales Force

Business, Money & Investing

By Dr. Regis Lemmens

Publisher : Bis Publishers

ABOUT Dr. Regis Lemmens

Dr. Regis Lemmens


A groundbreaking book that identifies the current and future trends in sales, based on more than one hundred interviews with senior sales executives and sales experts from the corporate industry and academia across central Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This book poses the question: What if there was a way that sales forces could help their organization to stay ahead of the competition and innovate? Many organizations featured in this book find ways to do just that. Learn more about their practices, methods, and how they prepare themselves for the future.

Includes a visual framework, cases, and tools to use in your own organization.

In 2010 we started a research project on future of sales. We called it, Sales 2020. The aim was never to write a book but to make a research agenda for the university. While we were interviewing sales executives we notice their special interest in the topic and soon we were invited to give talks on the topic.