Your First Bestseller: How to Self-Publish a Successful Book on Amazon

Your First Bestseller: How to Self-Publish a Successful Book on Amazon

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How To Self-Publish Amazon Kindle eBooks That Actually Sell

Don't Waste Your Time Writing a Book That Nobody Buys…

Are you looking to enhance your business and income through self-publishing a book? Ready to become a best selling author and improve your personal brand?

You’re in the right place.

In 2012, I wanted to make passive income online, but I wasn’t sure how to do so...

Until I started self-publishing books.

Self-publishing a book is an AMAZING opportunity, but it’s not easy.

If you’re a first time author, that’s okay. Not too long ago, I was a first time author, too.

I struggled to come up with a book idea, I wasted months writing the book, and had no idea how to market it.

Since, I’ve written over a dozen books, and I’ve discovered a repeatable process to self-publish books not only generate a decent amount of passive income, but also help my personal brand and business.

And I want to teach you everything I’ve learned along the way...

See, as self-publishing on Amazon becomes more competitive, you have to really know what you’re doing.



I don’t care how epic or life changing the content of your book is, you need to know how to position your book effectively. Otherwise, your book won’t sell.

After reading “Your First Bestseller” you will know:

+How to get Amazon to promote your book to thousands of shoppers (for free)

+How to know if your book idea will be profitable or not

+The secret to crafting a book cover that sells thousands

+How to launch your book in order to get long term sales

+How to optimize your book launch so your book continues to generate sales for years to come

+The myths about Amazon book descriptions and how to avoid them

+How to find the perfect niche that matches your background and interests and goals

+How to find time write your book and make a habit out of writing





Ready to Write Your Best Seller?

Whether you want to earn some income online or build your professional brand, I’m confident that this book will help you to publish your best-selling book your best-selling book today.

Self-publishing has allowed me to live the life of my dreams, and it would kill me to know that you made it this far and didn’t give it a shot.

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