Breaking Up With Your Stuff: Emotional Homework to End Your Toxic Relationship With the Clutter Culture

ABOUT Marin Rose

Marin Rose
Marin Rose began as an organizing coach in 2010. Her company, Libra Organizing, is named for the order, balance and beauty she brings to her clients’ homes and lives. In addition to her hands-on work with clients, Marin writes and speaks about the cultural phenomenon of the proliferatio More...



Personal Organizing Coach Marin Rose argues that we're all in a toxic relationship with our stuff and that we've got some serious thinking to do before we can expect to make lasting, positive change. In these pages she explores the common emotional barriers to people reducing consumption and ownership, from personal feelings of anxiety, guilt and regret, to our faith in the omnipresent American illusion that stuff is a direct path to happiness. Marin guides us in a thorough examination of our individual priorities and goals, and helps us answer honestly to the self-deceptive thoughts that keep us beholden to clutter. If you're thinking about committing to organized living - to save time and money, reduce stress and make space in your heart and home for the wonders yet to come - recognizing and working through these barriers are the first crucial steps.