Adventures of a Young Girl

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Adventures of a Young Girl
It’s 1957, and Roberta Blevins is ready to grow up. She has big plans for her life, but what Roberta really wants is to know about S-E-X, and sixteen-year-old Carl Tilden is happy to oblige. And that’s just the start of her adventures.
This is what your grandma’s mother warned her about: freedom, men, and sex! It’s a mid-century muddle and a grab bag of adventure for Roberta!
Follow Roberta on her quest to satisfy her lifelong desire to see the Pacific Ocean, be in a Hollywood movie, and wear a long evening dress just to eat supper.

It's the 1950s, and thirteen-year-old Roberta Blevins is ready to grow up. She doesn't know it yet, but her plans for the future are about be shaken up. Roberta is on the cusp of adventures that will teach her about love, runaways, child abuse, sexual orientation and Viet Nam. She has a lot of living to do before she reaches Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean.