Everyday Co-Creation (The Glad Game Revisited - Your 21 Day Journey into Vibrational Alignment Book 3)


Alva v.H
Reaching from a place of Respect, Truth, Integrity and Love, Alva honours our Free Will and recognizes that we are all Co-Creators of our own Reality with the Universe. Her Intention is to Guide us, to Heal from the past and to Realize our Full Potential in the NOW. Furthermore, to assist  More...



TRANSFORMATION literally means going Beyond your Form.
Everything in the universe has a Purpose and indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.
The thoughts that you think will - wanted or not wanted - eventually become manifestation if your Vibrational Accord is sufficient enough...
It is a STEADY STREAM and it does not matter how many of opportunities you have missed. The only thing that matters is what are you doing right now in your vibration.
And you can tell what you are doing right now in Your Vibration by the way you FEEL.
Law of Attraction says 'That which is Like unto Itself is Drawn' - which means VIBRATIONS ARE ALWAYS MATCHED!

Alas, common and wide spread confusion surrounds this chain of events.
The wide spread belief is that all which is desired is through words, or even actions, manifested into reality - but the Universe is not responding to your words or your actions.
The Universe is responding to your - VIBRATIONAL CALLING.
As you now begin to see yourself as a Soul with a Body rather than a body with a soul - You will soon enough find out how enormously satisfying it is to 'hold a thought' and to find that 'feeling place' of total identification with it and watch as the universe conspires to assist you - to RECEIVE IT!

Whether you have a dream or if you just desire a happier more fulfilling life, the circumstances or timing will never be just right for you to take this leap of faith, to make this change. Simply come to the decision that - YOUR TIME IS NOW and that your Dreams are worth it! Once you do that - '...the Universe Will Rise up to meet you with the Resources and Golden Opportunities required to get you where you want to BE'.
The 'PORTAL' to this - 'Field of Endless Possibilities', is always open waiting for you to make your leap into new Dimensions of Reality.
You are ready to create a life emblazoned with Passion, and Purpose.
You deserve a more expansive satisfying fulfilling experience -
An inspired life lived with greater, Grander Grace.
Make up your mind that nothing is more important than how you FEEL NOW, because Now IS Everything.
Now is the power of YOU – the CoCreator of YOUR Reality & Designer of YOUR DreamLife!

The 'Glad Game Revisited' Journey is so designed as to accompany you on this new life path beginning now, setting the Stage for the Realization of Your Goals and Aspirations, unleashing this hidden Life Forming Force into Reality hence, enhancing your experiences as you become witness to an ever growing Flood of GIFTS life has in store for you, coming your way.