The Waves Whisper: A Magical Journey

ABOUT Tejash Singh

Tejash Singh
"Love smells like home. And home, is wherever you are. Tejash Singh is the author of "Cats!: The dark invasion of Krakon" and "The Waves Whisper".  Follow him on Facebook and Instagram today! Facebook: Instagram:tejash_singh



"Love is a beautiful eternal dance...
A beautiful eternal unison...
A beautiful eternal insanity.."

The hauntingly beautiful words of T.K Singh echo through his poems in his poetry collection of "The Waves Whisper". An enchanting collection that will leave you wanting more, the author takes you through a mesmerising journey of love through the ages that will leave you spellbound and wanting more.
Whether you wish for a quick romantic read, or something to meet your current emotion, "The Waves Whisper" has it all. Get your copy now.

T.K Singh is an accomplished author, and has another book, "Cats!: The Dark Invasion of Krakon" published as well. He is also currently working on his latest romance novel, "Intertwined Roses."

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