Warrior Lust: Exploring Combat PTSD Infidelity (The

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Leilani Anastasia
Leilani Anastasia is a passionate Self-Help Author. Recently, she authored the “Warrior” series. In this compelling series, Leilani takes a witty approach to helping partners of Combat Veterans navigate the many obstacles that arise in a PTSD relationship.



Has your "Lieutenant Lover Boy" turned into "Captain Cheater"? Are you finding your partner not only being an animal in your bed but also everyone else's? Does his phone or computer screen look more like an ad for a pornography site than a device for communication?

Say hello to Combat PTSD's favorite bedmate - hyper-sexuality (otherwise known as sex addiction)!

While researching the nuances of the Combat Vet relationship, the author discovered a nasty by-product of Combat PTSD - infidelity due to hyper-sexuality! In this book, she examines why our Warriors are more inclined to cheat and what to do if you find yourself in that situation as the partner of one. Well-written and witty, this book offers not only well-researched explanations as to the appeal of infidelity to the Combat Veteran but also it explores how to handle these situations and save your relationship!

Another MUST-READ from the author in the "Warrior" series!

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on March 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In yet another great book on relationships with combat veterans suffering from PTSD, Leilani Anastasia focuses on the issue of infidelity. Citing academic studies, she shows some shocking statistics : that veterans are twice as likely to have extramarital affairs/sex than married non-veterans. Cheating is something that most couples have to be concerned about, but the evidence shows that if you are involved with a veteran, there may be even more reason to be more aware.

As dismal and discouraging as this sounds, books like Warrior Lust can help make the experience of being involved with a veteran much easier. Veterans are often deployed for long periods of time, and as a result of their careers, they may be forced to spend enormous quantities of time away from their partners. This can increase the probability that one partner (or both) may stray.

The author treats these issues with a perfect combination of seriousness and humor (just see the analogy with the movie Shrek in the section on "Before He Cheats"!). In my view, this approach helps greatly when confronting these "scary math" issues, as the author describes them.

For the combat veteran, every day can literally be a battlefield, but for their partners, it can also be a battlefield when dealing with issues like love, sex, and intimacy. These relationships are challenging for both, and this book makes the journey much more navigable.

This book cites numerous sources and lays out a comprehensive plan (Mission) for increasing the chances that the relationship will succeed. This is yet another amazing book in Leilani Anastasia's Warrior series, one that has the potential to help a lot of people who find themselves involved with combat veterans.
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on March 12, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
"Warrior Lust: Exploring Combat PTSD Infidelity" is a great book in the "Warrior Love" series. Leilani Anastasia provides a wonderful insight into the world of loving a veteran in this book. Backed by facts and research, this book makes the trials and tribulations that comes with this kind of relationship much more understandable and gives partners a chance to work on their problems together.

This book is a must read for anyone going through a relationship like the ones described in this book or anyone who wants to learn more about what veterans go through when they return home. Another great read from Leilani Anastasia.
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on March 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Another great read from Leilani Anastasia. This follow up to 'Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship' and 'Warrier Loving: Amazing Sex with your Veteran' is wonderful. I am enjoying the entire Warrior series! Great and easy read and Leilani does a great job keeping you engaged with her quick witt and research on the topic of PTSD with your Combat Veteran.

The book is a short 50 pages making it an easy and quick read. There's an impressive amount of information and statistics packed into the short book. It will take no time to get through and it's so worth the read. Leilani writes honest and with her heart.

I absolutely loved the Shrek analogy! Combat Vets do have many layers, as we all do. And although the statistics are shocking and honestly, quite sad, they're accurate. I think it's really important for us to read the facts and know about living with PTSD - what it does to us and what it does to our partner. Being in a relationship with a veteran is different for everyone. The book tackles the important part of acknowledging the common difficulties such as being a part for long periods of time and how this is one reason cheating in relationships with vets has much higher statistics of infidelity and divorce.

Cheating sucks, there's no ifs and or buts about it - it just sucks - especially when you're the one who was cheated on. The book does a good job of really looking at the PTSD aspect of cheating in a relationship. I like how Leilani takes a look at every angle of the cheater and how it affects not just your relationship, but also you as a person.

Again, great read and REALLY looking forward to what she writes next!
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on April 4, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Very well written, and informative. A very good read for ANYONE !
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on March 9, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I have to say, I LOVE THESE BOOKS! The author has done such a great job explaining in depth and with real feeling the problems with combat PTSD and what it does to relationships.

Calling combat PTSD the "monster" is about as accurate as you can get. I've tried for many years to find information on this subject but it's mostly just facts and figures.

The author does an EXCELLENT job in taking these facts and figures and putting them into a read that is relatable to any partner of a combat veteran.

I highly recommend these series of books!