Like Wind I Go: Remarkable Images and Insights

Like Wind I Go: Remarkable Images and Insights

ABOUT William Brooks

william brooks
A dog will never fret about forgiving you because you never did anything wrong.   William B. Brooks shares in this book his intimate journey with his beloved dog Scivias, a Korthals Griffon. Scivias had to work in the uncharted territory of William’s heart. He blazed a trail from the  More...



Like Wind I Go With the release of Like Wind I Go, author and photographer William Bernard Brooks issues a tantalizing invitation to the reader to enter his private world and experience life through the lens of his camera and the prism of his sharply-honed intellect. The photographic images Brooks has selected for the book are seemingly straightforward and somewhat austere. Closer examination, however, reveals layers of insightful detail. Brooks has feigned and tricked us into looking beyond the face value of the images to discover their secrets, their true soul. Likewise, his accompanying text, underpinned by keenly evolved philosophical and spiritual leanings, provoke introspection and a deeper analysis. A cosmopolitan European who has developed a fondness for Native American culture and spiritualism since relocating to the mountains of northwest Montana, Brooks stands today as a fully evolved artist and intellectual. Like Wind I Go will both charm and challenge the reader. It stands as a testimony to the passions of someone who knows what questions to ask and where to find the answers