Building Balance Within You

ABOUT Abdelaziz Benhaida

Abdelaziz Benhaida
writer, blogger and father of two. 



This book is an intervention, one that we all need. As technology has permeated every aspect of our life, we have not had the chance to adapt to it socially. This has led to our society developing on its own, unconsciously and unguided. It is in this backdrop that I have decided to write this book. I see how distracted we all have become. I’m sure you have felt it, too. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, we have been unable to keep up. As a result, we have become twitchy, always anticipating the next change. This has made us perpetually distracted, unable to focus. We need to regain control of not only our bodies but also our mind. This book is about enabling you to achieve precisely that. Based on my own personal journey, as well as my professional expertise, I have devised an effective strategy that helps me focus on my work. This is about my mind, and I know I need it to be under my control in order for me to reach my dreams. Using these tactics, I have managed to become everything I have ever wished, and now through this book, I hope you will be able to do the same, too!