Trigger Events - how to find your NEXT customer

Business, Money & Investing

By Alen Majer

Publisher : Alen Majer

ABOUT Alen Majer

Alen Majer
Alen Majer consults and trains businesses and salespeople on a variety of topics ranging from science to art of selling - from improving sales process, prospecting activities, and successful needs discovering, to developing better customer relationships, improving credibility and relations More...


This book introduces a revolutionary sales paradigm that is fully grounded in today’s realities. It not only answers these fundamental questions (by the way, you can eliminate cold calling altogether) it provides a salesperson with a set of tools that creates the ability to appear in front of a customer with precise knowledge of the customer?s needs?at exactly the time (or even before) the needs are realized by the customer.

You will:

- Discover the Pandora’s Box of lead-generating information
- Overcome the odds against success
- Become aware of the dynamics of the invisible market and how to tap into it
- Understand internal and external trigger events–the key for finding customers
- Learn how to use trigger events to differentiate prospects and to time your presentations
- Know about economic competition and how to leverage that knowledge for increased success

Customer review: Finally, something new and different!

I really enjoyed reading Trigger Events. The material was new and different and showed different ways of reaching out to potential clients just by reading the local newspapers or studying the prospects website. I have shared this book with the rest of my sales team and asked all of them to read it. I find a lot of sales books to be repeats of old ideas but this one actually gave us something new to work with and so far we have had a good degree of success. (Deborah L. Larsen - from