My Life the Sequel... A Girlfriend's Guide to Personal Success

ABOUT Wendy VanHatten

Wendy VanHatten
I am a pulbished author, travel writer and editor with a variety of business ventures. Traveling and photography are hobbies of mine.



Not just a shelf help book, this one will get you started, give you ideas, make you think and allow you to pick and choose. See if our ideas will help you get organized or find more hours in the day for you. Learn from our experiences...and take charge of you for you. Don't put those dreams on the back burner.

Based on true experiences of the two authors and others interviewed, this is a manual-style eBook. Keep moving forward is a motto both authors believe in. Set backs are only set backs...not failures. We both came from and through life-changing events. Others do as well. Read this is any way that makes sense to you. It is not designed to be read cover to cover, unless that works for you. Take notes, read some more, circle parts that work for you and enjoy the read.