The Secrets of Successful Inventors

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By John Hobbs

Publisher : Safe Goods

ABOUT John Hobbs

John Hobbs
I learned the 5 things all successful inventors do before spending much time or any $ developing a new idea and the process they use to make a profit. I then wrote a book with the step-by-step instructions that will save you lots of time and boat loads of money getting your ideas to mark More...


WHY is The Secrets of Successful Inventors so important for inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve greater success?


The 1st four chapters cover the 5 things most successful inventors do before they spend much time or spend any money developing their new idea. Then the remainder of the book is a step-by-step guide so an inventor beats the 99.9% odds of failing to become one of the .1% of inventors to making a profit. Since the new entrepreneur knows what to do and when to do it the new venture gains traction quickly while the inventor is still extremely enthusiastic. This causes a domino effect that attracts the team, resources and capital needed to build momentum while achieving lasting success of their new product line.


WHAT is The Secrets of Successful Inventors by



The Secrets of Successful Inventors is a

how-to book that gives the reader real knowledge so

an inventor or any entrepreneur starting a new

business knows what to do to increase their odds of

success. Unlike most books or inventors help

organizations TSoSI provides useful tools and

guidance so a person applying the knowledge does not

waste years of time and ten’s of thousands of dollars

like I did on services that were not needed at the

time. Since there is a sequence to developing a product

that saves time and money an entrepreneur is

completing what’s important next so their time and

energy is not wasted.


HOW do your reads typically get started with

The Secrets of Successful Inventors on a step‐by‐step basis?


Each of the chapters are called action step. By completing the suggested action in each chapter an inventor and entrepreneurs are doing what they should be doing efficiently so they are prepared to quickly to receive the resources and capital required to make a profit. 


Here is an example:

1st action step Putting Your Idea in Writing - This has entrepreneur writing down every new feature their product or service and then listing all the benefits of each feature. The action step then has them write a description of the new idea using 95% - 100% benefit language so the start working on conveying just what is in it for the end user. This step separates most entrepreneurs starting a new venture because the focus starts out on the benefits to the end user while helping to develop more clarity about their idea.


2nd action step is Patent Research –This chapter gives them the tools and guidance needed to successfully complete a thorough patent search. This is important because 46% of all patent applications are denied.  Moreover, since the inventor completed the first AS they clarified and expanded what their inventions is so the 1st exercise helped them with this action step.


3rd action step is Research the Target Market and Competition - This chapter gives them the tools and guidance needed to successfully complete an initial market and competition study. Being able to put numbers to you market and state the competition is a must to be taken seriously by any season business person.


4th action step is The Business Plan - This step helps an inventor clarify their vision by helping them understand and see many aspects about developing their idea and whether the undertaking has a chance of becoming profitable.


By working the first 4 chapters an inventor or entrepreneur contemplating starting a new business has a solid foundation to make a decision to move forward or not.


Then the rest of the book is a step by step guide that helps them gain traction and attract the resources needed to be successful faster with less wasted money.


WHAT IF any of our viewers or listeners got started today with The Secrets of Successful Inventors… what would their life look like in say,


30 days? An entrepreneur will be able to convey their idea competently in a way excites and compels people to buy into the new venture they are starting. After meeting 1000’s of inventors I know 95% of them can’t do even after a year because they have not been told or understand how important it is.


90 days? After 3 months the entrepreneur should already be attracting the team and resources required.  Plus, the initial design work should be started and depending on the complexity of the invention possibly completed.


1 year? After 12 months a team should be in place, working prototypes with tooling being completed for mass product runs, branding completed, route to market decided, first round of funding completed and working on second round.

How about 3 years? After 3 years they will be in revenues and profitable or at least be able to realistically project when the company will become profitable.


What are the specific ROADBLOCKS that typically prevent most inventors from getting started?


Almost everyone at some point in their life thinks of a brilliant idea although virtually no one tries developing them. This leads me to conclude the fear failure and looking foolish plus the lack of the proper knowledge combined the fear laden rumors both heard from naive sources along with their own imagination stop millions from trying. These are the reasons I wrote TSoSI so inventors will know whether to develop their idea before spending much time or any money and then if they do decide to move forward they know what to do and when to do it. This increases the odds of making a profit since the product gets to market with the resources required to sustain the marketing and distribution efforts.



What are the specific STRATEGIES that are like keys

to unlock “roadblock doors” to achieve wild success?

The strategies are simple; it is to give the tools and guidance necessary for an entrepreneur to move forward effectively so they make a profit faster with less wasted money;


What’s the first PHYSICAL ACTION STEP you’d want a viewer to take to get started with The Secrets of Successful Inventors? Go to my website and buy a couple copies of my book for themselves and their loved ones. Then read it apply the knowledge, develop their idea and making a profit!!


John R Hobbs learned success from having struggled for years and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on services that were not needed when he received them, plus almost going bankrupt in the process. While working through the invention process of taking his concept to market he met thousands of struggling inventors and discovered a unique approach that will help them reach their dream. Most inventors only have part of the formula for successful. In The Secret of Successful Inventors, John divulges the missing pieces necessary to attract resources needed to bring inventions from ideas to reality. Scores of successful inventors were interviewed for this book and their secrets are shared with the reader. "I am committed to educating other inventors so they do not make the mistakes I did. The tools I suggest can work for you!" John R. Hobbs

Hi John,

I just wanted to express my sincere heart felt gratitude for all you’ve done for me. My business was heading in the wrong direction when I attended one of your business meetings. You quickly assessed some of my weaknesses and started to provide me with tools that helped guide my business in the right direction.

Then you started giving me direction that kept my business moving forward. When you finally ask me for some help I was grateful for the opportunity. The help you were asking for was to pre-edit your manuscript for The Secrets of Successful Inventors. The process of working through the material, with you, helped me more than I helped you! I’m now more focused and your manuscript provided me the necessary tools all inventors and business people needs to grow.

With your assistance I am now attracting affluent high-caliber people into my business and personal life. This has allowed me to attain success much faster than I had anticipated. THANK YOU!!

I am forever grateful!

Gayla RR Kilbride
Clearwater, FL

Dear John,


Thank you, thank you!  First, you rescued me when I most needed it most at a huge business event by providing me some tools so I started to attract the right resources. Since speaking with me, you know my education tool would help many people around the world. You quickly assessed my biggest weakness, which was, not being able to articulate my project in a persuasive manner that kept me from moving forward in a time fashion. Furthermore, all sources I turned to, via online, books and coaches ($1000’s of wasted dollar until you) did not accurately assess one of the most important aspects of my business needs, that is, be able to describe your business in a clear, concise, powerful and quick manner.


After a spoke with you, thanking you for all your help, you then sent me your manuscript for “The Secret of Successful Inventors” WOW!!  By using the tools provided in you book and your coaching services, my Company is now receiving all the resources and capital we needed to grow! Thank You!


I am truly grateful you for your generosity and your true heart of a mentor!




Ivette Figueroa





I spent part of Labor Day weekend reading your book and found it to contain a lot of excellent information for inventors.  I must say you have come a long way since I first met you and I congratulate you on your journey and your book... you did an excellent job and I look forward to receiving the final book autographed by you.


With best regards,




Edward M. Livingston
United States Registered Patent Attorney
Board Certified in Intellectual Property Law


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I have read this book with the viewpoint of a business coach and trainer. Having met so many inventors in my seminars, I always looked at some practical tips to give them which would come from an "insider". John's first-hand experience in dealing with "brain-rich" people has gained him a strong authority and ability to provide the right advices and direction.

I strongly recommend this book to inventors of any kind. Persistence might be the ultimate quality to succeed through times, but the right raw ingredients are always needed to ensure the best start. "The Secrets of Successful Inventors" provides these raw ingredients which will help successfully transform your idea into a product.


Patrick Valtin "Auhor of CRISIS BUSTER

John, congratulations on a book well done!

You provide some extremely valuable information to striving as well as seasoned inventors in his book. Yes, there are secrets which he has learned and which John succinctly conveys which will save you valuable time, money and potentially heart-brake before, during and after the invention process. Yes, there are little nuggets of gold between those pages.

  Rick Fox 


I'm also an inventor and I was so into the book that I read it within 24hrs. It has some great tips that helped me get more clear in my business strategy. It is also very inspiring and I'm grateful for all the secrets to success. Every inventor should read this! Thank you!

Mai Lieu(Hawaii)