A Silent Scream

ABOUT Patricia Yarbrough

Patricia Yarbrough
I am an author of two exceptional non fiction books titled "A Silent Scream and "Will My Morning Ever Come'. I am a survivor of a homicide.



In A Silent Scream Patricia shares the pain and heartache that a grieving mother suffers through after the loss of a child. Despite her outwardly successful life, the thoughts that her son her friend gone forever piloted Patricia on a self-destructive journey.  In a declining state of health, Patricia's anguish over her sons death propagated her loss from one son to a husband and four other children

My nineteen year old son, best friend in the world was violently murdered, shot three times in the back as he ran for his life. He was robbed of his coat and watch left to die, drowning in his own blood. I wondered if my family heared my silent screams, so I released my silent screams into my book and titled it A Silent Scream