Get Smart! About Modern Career Development

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Michelle Casto

Publisher : Get Smart! Publishing

ABOUT Michelle Casto

Michelle Casto
Michelle L. Casto is in the business of “soul care” using insight, intuition, intelligence, practical spirituality, and self-mastery psychology to help transform the lives of people in all walks of life. 
She is a professional Life Coach, Ins More...


Land Your Dream Job in Record Time
Are you serious about creating your life’s work?  If so, then leave behind all of your traditional ideas about work and Get Smart.

Reading this interactive LearningBook will energize your career by changing the way you think and feel about the modern world of work.  Contrary to popular belief, creating your life’s work should not be left to fate.  In fact, to increase your chances of choosing wisely, you need to utilize a practical, proactive, and smart approach to your career development.

Each Get Smart! Chapter is full of journaling assignments, reflection exercises, and case illustrations designed to raise your self awareness, enhance your intuition, and develop your decision-making skills—all of which will empower you to fulfill your career aspirations.

Get Smart! About

Decision-Making                                          Work in the 21st Century

Reprogramming Yourself                               Entrepreneurship

Living By Vision, Working With Purpose         Self-Marketing Tools

This is the only career development book you will need that will take your career 20 years into the future.

Now updated and re-released as Get Your Career on the Fast Track

I wrote this to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I know it will help you too. This book has been updated and re-released at Get Your Career on the Fast Track. You can receive a free jump start your career change at